20+ Specialists For Only $1000/Month!

Trouble Free Employees is here to help you solve problems and save money by connecting you with a team of top level, managed Filipino talent for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single in-house worker.

One Subscription To Cover All Of Your Tasks!

Our goal is to be your one stop shop for outsourced labor. Subscribers get UNLIMITED ACCESS to our team of over 20+ specialists. In addition, each of our subscribers receives access to a TaskFunnels Task Portal where they can login and drop any new tasks they would like worked on. The portal can also be used to check the live status of any existing projects. 

The Task Portal is very easy to use, but we’ve found that many of our clients like simplicity of interacting with people. So, we will also provide you with a Project Manager and an Account Manager who will be able to assist you with via Slack or Zoom with any of your questions, concerns. You can even just tell them what you want to be done and they can put any of your tasks into the portal for you. We want things to be EASY for you!

Our Clients

  • Gravity Jack
  • Hawaii Ocean Project
  • Maui Tickets For Less
  • Remote Millionaires
  • Nick Ponte
  • Catalyst Brand Group
  • Hawaii by Storm
  • Farm Daddy
  • Maui Luxury Real Estate
  • Maui Vision Rentals
  • Full Throttle
  • Fresh Fish Maui
  • Helewai Eco Tours
  • Hi Level Media
  • iFixit
  • Light Dep Solutions

How Can We Help You?

Virtual Assistants
Social Media
Website Developers
Video Editors
Email Managers
The majority of our clients have us perform a combination of many types of tasks. Our Account Managers are focused on helping you create a streamlined process that will help your company grow. If you’re unsure about how we can help book a Free Consultation with our owner now.
Real Estate
Customer Service
Cold Callers
Appointment Setters
Logistics Assistants

Your Custom Management Dashboard

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Common Questions & Answers

How can I submit my tasks?

There are 3 ways to submit tasks to us.

1. New Task Form - Manually submit tasks one at a time using the submit task form on your client portal.
2. Via Slack - Shoot a task request to your project manager using Slack. You can shoot over one task at a time or drop a spreadsheet with multiple tasks that need to be added and they will take care of it for you.
3. Task Integrations - Would you like to set it up so tasks can automatically be added based on Zapier Triggers? We can set these customized automations for you. Just let us know how we can help. If you have any questions about task integrations just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist. Example use cases would be new orders that need to be processed, change request tickets from your client's websites and more!

When and how am I billed?

The pricing of our service is broken down into two parts. The first part is a $1000/month membership fee that covers the access to your portal and also includes a credit for $1000 worth of work. The second part of the pricing is the cost of any additional hours that are worked on your project in excess of your initial $1000 credit. These will be billed to your card on file each week on Friday. A detailed copy of your invoice will be emailed to you and another copy will be uploaded into your client portal for easy access. To view a list of the hourly rates for our different types of workers, Click Here.

Where are my team members located?

All of our workers are located in the Philippines. Some work from our offices and some work from approved remote locations.

Is a long term contract required?

We believe that if you’re not happy with our services you shouldn’t be contractually obligated to continue to have to use them. If you feel like it’s not a good fit you can choose to cancel your subscription and not renew for the next month. We never want you to be locked into  a subscription that you do not want. 

How will I know how much my tasks will cost?

Trouble Free Employees will provide you with a client portal that allows you to see the live status of any of your tasks including the amount of time that has been spent on it. Our project managers can be requested to conduct scoping on any of your tasks where they will work with the team to come up with a detailed estimate of the time they think the task will take. The scoping is a billable activity and the estimate that they make is meant to be an estimate. It is not a quote and we cannot guarantee that the task will be completed in the estimated time. That being said, our team typically comes in under their estimated times not over. Being that we bill by the hour when we come in under our time estimate the cost of your project will be lower. You can view the complete hourly price list for all of our different types of workers, Click Here.

Still have unanswered questions?

Our Pricing



*Includes A Monthly Credit Of $1000. Unused Hours Do Not Roll Over To The Next Month.
Instant 24/7 access to:
Front & Back End Developers
UI/UX Specialists
Virtual Assistants
Graphic Designers
WordPress Technicians
Laravel & Python Experts
Funnel Designers
iOS Specialists and more


Do you need more than $1000/month worth of tasks? That's not a problem, you can input an UNLIMITED amount of tasks and we will simply bill your card on file for any overages on your account in excess of your $1000 per month credit. You'll get a detailed invoice at the end of each week with separate line items of all the tasks that have been worked on during the week for your account. 
Non-voice repetitive tasks
Doing phone work or working directly with clients where they want someone who has better English & more experience with conversational tasks.
These are people who have a bit more skills than a typical VA. Examples are Video Editors, Graphic Designers, Medical Billing Specialists, Quickbooks Specialists etc.
These top level programmers and software developers will be able to help you with website development, api integrations, custom chrome extensions and more!

Have questions? Let’s schedule a call.

Our Sales Team would be happy to setup a call with you where we can answer any questions that you may have about our services. Grab the availability time on our calendar that is best for your schedule and let’s talk then.
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