• Our turn key office based workers will work for you from our Philippines office.
  • We have 100+ applicants for every person that we hire. We only recruit only top level talent. 
  • Everyone on our office based team starts off by physically working in our fully secured PCI compliant office. We take pride in our top notch facility. We have 24/7 security guards and biometric restricted access.
  • We have a wide variety of specialists that are available. You will instantly be in charge of a team of Front and Back End Developers, UI/UX Specialists, Virtual Assistants, Graphic Designers, Wordpress Technicians, GHL, Laravel, Python and iOS Specialists. FB Ad Managers, Funnel Designers, and more.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to our whole team of specialists and only pay for the actual hours that are worked on your tasks. 
  • Trouble Free Employees connects businesses with offshore human resources at a rate that is a small fraction of the cost of hiring in-house workers.
  • Each team member you will have on your account has been vetted, extensively tested, and thoroughly trained before we assign them to work with you.
  • If you ever have any issues with any of your workers we will be happy to replace them with another staff member, and put them through the training for all of your tasks, completly free of charge. 



Hi my name’s Ryan and we’ve been using a Jake and the team at Trouble Free Employees for a while now they do great work for us. They have been incredibly helpful. I have a team behind us that takes care of a lot of the laborious work of data prospecting and finding the right potential partners for our business. I highly recommend using Trouble Free Employees. Reach out to Jake, he has a phenomenal team and he is truly investing in people and creating opportunities for people. What a wonderful opportunity to have a support team behind you from using trouble-free-employees. I give them two thumbs up.


Hi, since we started at Trouble Free Employees last December. You know a lot our processes inside the business of getting easier. I just notice a smoother day today on a lot of the time-consuming data entry tasks. Some of the smaller, more detailed oriented things that kind of ate up our time at the top level are now taken care of. We’re saving a lot of our time and now we’re able to focus on growing the business instead of just keeping it running. As we continue to grow I can see this being really important part of our business going forward.


Aloha I’m Anthony Sayles, Director of Operations of RE/Max Lifestyle here on Maui. I just want to give a shoutout to Trouble Free Employees. We’ve had some of the most awesome experience working with them. Great customer service, responsiveness and speed to lead with the virtual assistant. I highly recommend that you used them in your business.

Thank you so much.

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